Tan Sri Dato’ Indera Dr Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman

Sharifah Mariam Syed Mansor Al-Idrus
2017. Tun Suffian Foundation Inc
Hardcover, 24.7 cm x 17.5 cm, 315 pages
Photographs in colour & black & white
ISBN 9789834353070



This biography attempts to trace the life and times of Tan Sri Dato’ Indera Dr Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, a name which will be etched in the legal and corporate annals of Malaysia for many years to come. Tan Sri Aziz has left his footprints as a civil administrator, a lawyer and a corporate leader in the service of his country. His is also the story of Malaysia’s airlines industry as it took root from the ruins of a failed political partnership between two neighboring countries. Its main aim is to highlight the many facets of the man who would eventually take the fledgling aviation industry in Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) in particular to a level that was the envy not just of other airlines in the region, but also of the world, a level, sadly yet to reemerge since his retirement from the company.

The materials for the book were sourced from many articles that had appeared in newspapers, magazines, the internet and from two outstanding biographies, one produced by the Public Affairs Department of Malaysia Airlines as a birthday gift on Tan Sri Aziz’s 55th birthday on October 3, 1988 titled simply The Sky; another titled Pancaran Wau Mas (The Glitter of the Golden Kite) by Amir Tan published in 1994, and a Universiti Sains Malaysia final year project paper by Abdul Mutalib bin Saifuddin, titled Penubuhan Sistem Penerbangan Malaysia 1972. An earnest attempt has been made to underline the character traits embodied in Tan Sri Aziz, of modesty, decency, sincerity, humility, generosity, earnestness, determination, self-confidence, and a shrewd understanding of people, which were perhaps the ingredients instrumental in the evolution of his career. He is a man who dared to dream big, not bowing down to pessimism and defeat when impeded by obstacles.

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Dimensions 24.7 × 17.5 × 2.5 cm

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