Straits Chinese Silver: A Collector’s Guide


Ho Wing Meng
2008. Marshall Cavendish Intenational (Asia) Pte Ltd
Softcover, 28cm x 20.3cm, 191 pages
150+ colour photographs
ISBN 9789812616678

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Product Description

Hindu-Islamic in shape and function, yet strangely characteristic of the Chinese in emblem and decorative design, Straits Chinese silver is an unusual product of two cultural traditions. During the late nineteenth century, large quantities of Straits Chinese silver were being fabricated in small towns in Malaya and Singapore by local Chinese silversmiths. This book pays special interest to the usage of this silver, providing description of the entire inventory of Straits silver work on the market. The stunning collection shown here is representative of the finest Straits Chinese silver to be seen anywhere in present-day Malaysia and Singapore.

About the Author

Dr Ho Wing Meng was educated at the University of Malaya in Singapore and Oxford University in England. He taught Philosophy at the National University of Singapore for 33 years, and was appointed Head of their Philosophy Department in 1970. He’s authored over 25 academic articles on a variety of topics ranging from Formal Logic to Political Studies. His books in the Straits Chinese Heritage series were written between seminar commitments, and administrative duties. Since his retirement in 1993, he has turned his attention to Chinese porcelain of the Ming Dynasty.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Rediscovery of a Unique Craft
Chapter 2: Lifestyle of the Straits Chinese
Chapter 3: The Various Categories of Straits Chinese Silber
Buntal plates
-Curtain hooks
-Ornamental gewgaws
-Items of personal ornaments
-Belts and buckles
-Ladies’ purses
-Chains and necklaces
-Earrings and finger-rings
-Bracelets and anklets
-Pearl ornaments
-Wedding utensils
-betel-nut or sireh boxes
-Plates and bowls
-Ewers and teapots
Chapter 5: Dating and Attribution of Straits Chinese Silver

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