South Indian Paintings: A Catalogue of the British Museum Collection

A L Dallapiccola
2010. Mapin Publishing
250 colour photographs
Hardcover, 28.3 cm x 22.5 cm, 320 pages
ISBN 9788189995393


The book summarizes political and artistic developments in the subcontinent between 1500 A.D. and 1900 A.D. and provides a brief survey of South Indian painting from the medieval period onwards. The British Museum holds a major collection of more than a thousand South Indian paintings, which are described here. Ranging from the 18th century to the early-20th century, these paintings represent a wide variety of themes and techniques but only a few examples have been published before.

In this book, the collection is catalogued in full, according to subject and the support on which they were executed (paper, mica, leather, cloth or wood). A range of forms—from paintings of Hindu mythology, the painted scrolls of Andhra Pradesh, cloth paintings of Tamil Nadu, to paper paintings used by storytellers—are all highlighted in this compilation. At least 250 of the most significant works are reproduced in all their vibrant colour.  Each section of the book begins with a short discussion of stylistic and iconographic features, ensuring that the book is accessible not only to scholars but also to students and enthusiasts of all aspects of South Asian art and culture.

Table of Contents

Hindu Mythology Castes, trades and occupations Natural history drawings Painted narratives Processional Chariot

About the Author

 A.L. Dallapiccola is Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh. She is the author of Indian Art in Detail (Mapin Publishing).


“There are remarkable riches in the book and Anna reveals them for the reader with assiduity and at length. Hindu Mythology, broadly, is what the volume opens with, as many as 500 drawings of deities, saints and holy places featuring in it.”
—Prof. B. N. Goswamy in The Tribune

Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 28 × 22.5 × 2.7 cm

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