The Right to Brand—Levelling the brand playing field


Yasmin Merican
2013. Trax Publishing Sdn. Bhd.
Hardcover, 24.6cm x 17.3cm, 756 pages
ISBN 9789671166109

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Do brands matter? In a content-driven world where distinctiveness and reputation drive the success of countries, companies and individuals, the ability to brand is a core competency curiously not accessible to all. Despite the visible market power of the branded and the growing sophistication of the brand ecosystem from strategy to research—advertising, public relations etc—many cede market advantage by delaying acquisition of this market-critical knowledge and capability. As economies and businesses posture for international recognition, why have the proven advantages of brand building eluded the majority?

Through case studies and learning in an emerging market, this book looks into the reasons behind the brand inertia. It argues that when brands are not part of strategic thinking, brand values when created, tend to be accidental market triumphs, frequently lost without the anchor of business policy and leadership intent. The book examines the operational realities of emerging brands. What mindsets have to change? What enabling structures have to be put into place? What skills to harness from within organisation and the brand ecosystem? What hidden opportunities reside in brand advantage, not just in Malaysia, but also elsewhere?

As a management technique, brand building is not new. Great brands not only capture market attention and imagination, they flourish through continuous engagement and support. But for those without the history, and those who experience brand building as a costly and unrewarding journey, this book offers a credible argument for better branding through new perspectives and approaches. Brand building is not just for the big and powerful. With the right knowledge and skills, more can run the same market races as the world’s most eminent and valuable brands.

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Praise for Right to Brand:

A well-researched book on the need for pragmatic and market-relevant brand strategies. To stay ahead in an ever-changing world, this book is a practical guide to successful brand building for enterprises intending to make their mark in local and global markets.
Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Chairman, AirAsia and former Minister of lnternational Trade & lndustry, Malaysia

A masterful examination of the branding process from conception, implementation to long-term evaluation. We in ‘developed’ markets stand to learn much from these thoughtful examples on how to build a strong and sustainable brand strategy.
Chris R. Matthews, Chairman, Hag Group Worldwide

Finally, a book connecting the importance of business with brand thinking. Yasmin shows how brands are built not just through marketing and communications, but also through leadership and organisational action. A very good book, which Boards, CEOs, marketers and brand managers should read.
Datuk Vincent Lee, Executive Deputy Chairman, Star Publications (M) Berhad and Honorary Life President of 4As (Association of Advertising Agents, Malaysia)

Branding as a business activity in this country is nascent, but growing rapidly. Through shared learning, the author tells us how market value can be preserved and grown through improved brand building. A definitive book for all practitioners and students of branding.
Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir, Chairman of the Financial Reporting Foundation, Malaysia and former Chairman of the Securities Commission, Malaysia and former Chairman of Ernst & Young Malaysia.

A brand-building triumph. This thoughtful and insightful book offers deep learnings for CEOs, brand stewards and anyone who is seriously involved with brand building. It has relevance and resonance beyond Malaysia.
C.T. Hew, Chairman, Hew & Associates, Hong Kong and former Managing Director of Burson-Marsteller Malaysia and former President of Burson-Marsteller Asia.

A compelling challenge to C-suites and key decision makers on building sustainable ‘wow’ value for the long term. Yasmin effectively lays out the investment versus expense question on brand efforts…accounting standards aside!
Sukanta Dutt, Managing Partner, Quality and Risk Management – Asia-Pacific Area, Ernst S Young


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