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Revisiting Atas Angin: A Review of the Malay Imagination of Rum, Feringgi, and the Penjajah

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Ahmad Murad Merican
2019, Perdana Leadership Foundation
Softcover, 22.9cm x 15.3cm, 458 pages
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Over the centuries, the Malay description of the Other is neutral and unproblematic. Unlike for example, the Japanese, who were fearful of the Portuguese and Spaniards – of the Nanbanjin, or “southern barbarians” – as they described the Europeana in the 16th century, the Malays accommodated those from the atas angin into the Malay world, geographically, peoples from the west of river Sindh. The Japanese expelled the “southern barbarians” and wanted no part of the then ongoing colonization elsewhere. This book reflects how the West was imaginated, constructed, described, projected and represented by the Malays in Malays texts. It is the knowledge of the Occident out of itself. In a significant way, this book represents how the Malays produced knowledge and constructed and image about Europe and the Western world. The book comprises two major parts – commentaries and the corpus. The latter is to provide sufficient insights into early encounters of the Malay with the West. It allows the text to speak for itself. Rum, Feringgi/Feranggi/Peranggi/Frangy; Belanda/Holanda/Wolanda; Inggeris/Engrees/Inglan and their various spellings as well as orang putih and Eropah are used as markers in Malay texts which are writings in prose from the Malay Archipelago stretching from Achen to Ambon. These markers display the Malay engagement with the West, indicative of the form of knowledge of the Other which reflects the geographical, theological, culture and ethnicity of the Other.


Preface and Acknowledgements

Introduction: The European Other

1. Ferringhis, Farangs and Rum/Rom: Views from the Malay World
– Ferringhis, Farang and Rom
– The Farang in the Siamese Other
– The Penjajah in Panglima Awang
– Rum in the Malay Psyche

2. Abdullah Munsyi and the Orang Putih
– Introduction
– The Discourse

The Corpus

Orang Putih

About the Author

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