Red Star Over Malaya: Resistance and Social Conflict During and After the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1941-46


Cheah Boon Kheng
2012 (4th edition). NUS Press, Singapore
Softcover, 22.8cm x 16.1cm, 375 pages
ISBN 9789971695088

Product Description

Red Star Over Malaya: Resistance and Social Conflict During and After the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1941-46 takes the reader back to 1941, when there was no consensus between the three races of Malaya, namely the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians; about what the country’s common identity should be. In the aftermath of the Japanese Occupation, as Malaya advanced towards nationhood and self-government, there was tension between traditional loyalties to the Malay rulers and the states, or to ancestral homelands elsewhere. This book draws on extensive archival research to provide a riveting account of the way the Japanese Occupation reshaped colonial Malaya, and of the tension-filled months that followed Japan’s surrender.

Editorial Reviews

“This book is invaluable, a product of painstaking research.” Fujio Hara, Ajia Keizai

“It is a massive task of scholarship, in which the author has processed an enormous range of documentary sources … given the sensitivity of the subject matter, he has demonstrated an impressive degree of objectivity, documenting the passion and brutality of both Chinese and Malays and avoiding the tendency of some authors to allocate a monopoly of violence to the communists” Simon Barraclough, Asian Studies Association of Australia Review

About the Author

Cheah Boon Kheng was a Professor of History at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang until he retired in 1994.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fourth Edition
Foreword to the Fourth Edition
Part I: The Roots of the Conflict
1: Malaya’s Plural Society in 1941
2: The Social Impact of the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1942-5
3: The MCP and the Anti-Japanese Movement
4: The Malay Independence Movement
Part II: The Contest for Postwar Malaya, 1945-6
5: The Post-Surrender Interregnum: Breakdown of Law and Order
6: the MPAJA Guerrillas Takeover
7: Outbreak of Violence and Reign of Terror
8: The Malay/MCP/Chinese Conflict
9: Conflict between the Communists and the BMA
10: The Malay-British Conflict
11: Conclusion

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