Questioning Globalization


Kavaljit Singh
2005. Citizens International
Softcover, 21 cm x 14 cm, 160 Pages
ISBN 9789833302000


Globalization has become the cliché of our times. The neoliberal virus has struck almost everybody including within the ranks of the left. The proponents of neo-liberal globalization claim that it produces “accelerated, efficient” development along with a deepening of democracy and human rights. However, reality shows the opposite and any rigorous examination of such arguments reveals their shallowness and inconsistency. Social progress and democracy can only take place in tandem and on condition that we move away from the dogmas of neo-liberalism. This book underscores the point that current economic disasters are not the “price” we have to pay for a transition towards the promised paradise, but on the contrary are bound to get worse as long as neo-liberal economic policies are pursued.

This book makes a critical analysis of several contemporary debated around globalization. With the help of case studies, statistical data and cogent analysis, the book debunks several myths associated with globalization processes. Written for a non-technical audience readership, the author fundamentally questions the viewpoints held by the “hyper-globalists”. His book not only contributed to deepening the current debates on globalization but ought to become an indispensable tool of analysis for concerned citizens, students, social and political activists, labor unions, NGOs, and policy makers.


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