Pulau Perak

Isham Yusoff & Anuar Abdullah
2015. ITBM.
Softcover, 20.7 cm x 16.6 cm, 140 Pages.


Kedah has been blessed with clusters of idyllic islands including the world-renowned resort archipelago of Langkawi. During the heydays of the Kedah Empire, the sea route traversing across the peninsular isthmus was part of a prime trading centre between India and China; a hub of activity that flourished from the fourth to the seventh century attracting traders from around the world.

Through the publication of “Pulau Perak; A Marine Treasure-trove” we recognise the potential that Kedah’s waters have in attracting a new breed of “traders” because of its position at the confluence of three different bodies of water – the Straits of Malacca, the Adaman Sea and the Indian Ocean. The exploration of Pulau Perak, sponsored by the generosity of Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB), has paved the way for the world’s best minds in marine biology and conservation to “trade” their experience and knowledge in helping Kedah protect its unique treasure-trove of marine life.

It serves as a clarion call for our generation to come forth and contribute to the conservation of our reefs in order to ensure that the symbiotic relationship between Man and Environment is nurtured and kept in perfect balance. We have done a great disservice to our children as we have failed to keep the symbiosis of this relationship at the core of everything we have done in the name of growth and development. We have failed to learn form our forefathers by observing the way they lived in harmony with the land, respecting the sea and all its bounty.

The publication of this book is hoped to spur on discussion, research and positive action that will draw people from the far corners of the earth to the waters of Kedah yet again.

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