Penang Hokkien Dictionary (English-Hokkien)


Luc de Gijzel
2013. Areca Books
Soft cover. 15.4cm x 10.6cm, 322 pages
ISBN No: 9789675719103

Product Description

By Luc de Gijzel

Penang Hokkien is a unique dialect that is widely spoken in and around Penang. More than two centuries ago, settlers from Southern China’s Fujian province introduced their language to the then British trading port.

In Penang’s melting pot of languages and cultures, Hokkien was and is exposed to diverse influences. The thus enriched vocabulary and colorful local expressions give Penang Hokkien its distinct character.

The Penang Hokkien dictionary features over 7,500 vocabulary entries as well as supplementary chapters on celebrations, short phrases, expressions and grammar. All Hokkien words are written in the established Hokkien Romanised spelling with tone marks POJ.

Offering a practical reference on Penang Hokkien words and phrases, this accessible dictionary will prove invaluable to locals and newcomers alike.

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