Penang: 500 Early Postcards

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Cheah Jin Seng
2012. Editions Didier Millet
Softcover, 23.1m x 25cm, 288 pages
500 colour photographs
ISBN 9789671061718


Penang: 500 Early Postcards vividly captures the charm and diversity of Penang. The postcards depict many aspects of Penang including commercial life at the island’s harbour; imposing colonial architecture; the many hotels, schools and hospitals; bustling streets with their business establishments and places of worship; transport, from rickshaws and bullock carts to trams and early motorcars; the Botanic Gardens and Penang Hill; and Penang’s colourful people. Nearly all the postcards featured are drawn from the personal collection of the author and are reproduced at, or close to, their natural size and colour. As such, the book is a valuable collector’s item as well as an important historical reference.

Editorial Reviews

“Ng’s collection of postcards from Penang’s colonial era provides engaging images of life in early 20th century Penang.” The Star Newspaper

About the Author

Professor Cheah Jen Sing is a philatelist and deltiologist particularly well-versed in the postal history and deltiology of Malaysia and Singapore. A former board member of the National Museum of Singapore, Professor Cheah has written and co-published extensively on the subjects of stamps and postcards in Malaysia and Singapore. By profession, he is an Emeritus Consultant at the Department of Medicine, National University Hospital, Singapore, and Professorial Fellow of the National University of Singapore.

Table of Contents

History of Penang and its Picture Postcards
The Collection
-The Harbour
-Colonial Penang
-The Hotels, Schools and Hospitals
-The Streets, Roads and Transport
-Beyond George Town
-The People
-Philatelic History
Further Reading
About the Author

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Dimensions 23.1 × 25 × 27 cm

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