Pasangan: Pulse of a Riverine Community

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Siti Norasiah Abd Kadir
2015. University of Malaya
Softcover, 23cm x 19.1cm, 248 pages
Colour photographs
ISBN 9789670380711


Centred on Sungai Selangor, Pasangan is a journey into the symbiotic relationship between the downstream community of Mukim Pasangan and the river, from crafts-making and religious practices to cooking, cleansing, transportation, music and more. Their inspiring story is told, weaving accounts of the Mukim’s uniquely diverse people, the flow of wisdom across time that has shaped its evolving cultural and traditional heritage, and the ways in which the community has experienced and appreciated its river over the years. It is a hopeful attempt to reawaken the ‘Heartware’ for our rivers by highlighting how Sungai Selangor represents the ‘pulse’ of the Mukim Pasangan riverine community.

The idea for the book began from visits as Asian Core Program (ACP) researchers to a few watershed commune in Japan, where the writers learned that the community-based ‘Heartware’ approach had a powerful role to play in watershed conservation. Heartware here is defined as the translation of shared values into sustained stakeholder cooperation in solving complex and long term sustainability problems. Integrated watershed management is one of the most challenging sustainability problems we are facing today.

This bilingual (English and Malay) book is a hopeful attempt by a group of young researchers to reawaken our Heartware for river conservation. It is based on a collection of inspiring shared values that can still be found within the hearts of the downstream Sungai Selangor community of Mukim Pasangan, Kuala Selangor. Kampung Kuantan, one of the villages within Mukim Pasangan is a world-famous ecotourism destination, known for the habitat of Pteroptyx tener, a unique species of synchronised fireflies. Yes, the fireflies are well known, yet the source of Heartware—the close human-river relationship within Mukim Pasangan that has sustained this ecological wonder, is rarely highlighted to the public.

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