Our Malaysia: Multi-Cultural Activity Book for Young Malaysians (2016 reprint)


Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala & Dr. M. Nadarajah
2005 (reprinted 2016). Arpitha Associates
Soft cover. 24cm x 17cm, 52 pages
Full colour illustrations
ISBN: 9834247206


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Product Description

Now in its 4th reprint, Our Malaysia: Multi-Cultural Activity Book for Young Malaysians is aimed at enabling children and parents to experience Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity. The producers hope that it will motivate future generations to move beyond knowledge and tolerance to understanding and reverence for each other’s culture. To experience our rich diversity in the spirit of enlightenment is to unify in diversity. This is the meaning of the book: an active appreciation and celebration of diversity.

Filled with many interesting activities, facts and games, Our Malaysia: Multi-Cultural Activity Book for Young Malaysians will keep children, parents and teachers entertained for hours. Light and small, the attractively designed workbook can be easily taken anywhere.

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Editorial review

I already use this book in my classes about Asian cultures, and I have to say that the students love it! The class in which I use Our Malaysia is called Culture and History in Modern Asia. I urge students to be sensitive to differences among cultures, and to always try to keep an open mind when observing cultures. Emeritus Professor Philip Billingsley, Cultural Studies and Asian Studies, Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka

Table of Contents

Look at me! I am special!
Let’s try it! Make your own Chinese lantern
My family tree
Who are we? Find the hidden word!
What’s in a name?
Let’s try it! Wau, traditional Malaysian kite
Many ‘New Years’ in one year?
Religions & Beliefs
Let’s try it! Kolam, colourful & creative Indian floor art
What’s your zodiac sign?
Festivals of Malaysia
What language do you speak?
Cultural weddings
Traditional costumes
Traditional dances
Cultural places of interest
Traditional games
Traditional musical instruments festival
The National Anthem
Symbols of Malaysia
Folk songs
The Malaysian Pledge
State flags of Malaysia
Our local art & craft shop
Let’s try it! Ketupat
Martial arts
Malaysian food crossword puzzle
Malaysia’s plants and animals
Let’s try it! Henna tattoo.

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