One Red Egg and A Great Deal of Mischief


June Chiang (author) & Ammi (illustrator)
2016. MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Soft cover. 22 cm x 22 cm, 87 pages
Colour Illustrations
ISBN 9789674153632


One Red Egg tells the story of nine-year-old Owen who lives a jolly life in beautiful Penang. But he has a BIG problem. Everyone finds him exasperating. Even the neighbour’s cat.One day, he brings home a red egg from school. What’sthis red egg that makes him see a mind detective? Will Owen ever find out what’s really wrong with him?

Editorial reviews

Children who don’t do their homework, children who are a whirlwind, children who use up all your energy . . . this book tells you why. ― Dr Iracema Leroi, Academic Psychiatrist, University of Manchester

A candid, cathartic insider shares the workings of the mind of a special child, a story that makes you laugh outwardly at Owen’s antics, but cry inwardly at the mother’s heart-warming attempts at coping with her situation. ― Teoh Choon Ean, Award-winning writer of short stories and children’s fiction


“I brought home a red egg from school. That was how it all started. Mum got a little worried when she saw the red egg. What a strange thing to bring home. How did it come about? It was a mystery, Mum said. Only a psychologist could help solve the mystery, so she brought me to see one last week. A psychologist is a mind expert, something like a mind detective. That was what Mum told me. A psychologist is someone who knows why you bring home a red egg from school. She also knows many other things, such as why you don’t want to do your homework. But it wasn’t just about the red egg that I had to see the psychologist. It had to do with the many other things in my life, from the moment I was born. Now, let me tell you about those many other things, and how the red egg came about.”

About the authors: June Chiang is a lecturer who waltzes with writing at night. She has written many English readers and retold tales. The story in this book was inspired by her fabulously funny son. When not writing or teaching, she spends her time strolling the beaches of Penang, thinking about nice and funny people.

Ammi is an art teacher who loves watercolour paintings. She illustrates children’s books and newspaper columns, and enjoys travelling, hiking reading and drawing.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × .6 cm

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