Nostalgic Penang Journal

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Koh Tze Yin & Roz Chua
2008. Hekty Advertising Sdn Bhd
Hardcover. 19.7 cm x 19.5 cm x 2.2
ISBN: 9789834236021


“There is not, probably, any part of the world, where, in so small a space, so many different people are assembled together, or so many languages spoken.” Sir George Leith, Lieutenant Governor in the early 19th century declared of Penang.

This pictorial journal features quick takes on Penang’s attractions: history, food, literature, traditional fashion, heritage trades, nynoyaware, antiques, famous personalities, transportation, heritage buildings and festivities.

These migrants brought with them precious pieces of their lives, symbols of identity and pride. Cultural amalgamation was inevitable and Penang became a melting pot of languages, religions, traditions and cuisines.

Penang is simply synonymous with heritage. A spirit of nostalgia roams the centuries-old buildings, faded photographs and antiquities. Together, they embody a legacy so stirring, it tugs at the heartstrings of even the most unacquainted meanderer. This same spirit of preservation and appreciation of the roots dwells within the kitchens, the boudoirs, fashion and architecture, bearing timeless values such as filial piety, divine respect for traditions and communal empathy.

The writer hopes this compilation brings the rich tapestry of Penang’s legacy closer to those who have an eye for the nostalgic days. Nostalgic Penang features a wealth of antiquities from private collectors to whom she is truly indebted for their generosity in sharing these treasures with you, the readers. Penang, with its nostalgic charms, tantalising tastes and fascinating sights has provided much to savour.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 19.7 × 19.5 × 2.2 cm