My Journey By Bus (搭上巴士去旅行:北马篇)


林振富 (Fufu)
2017. Fufu Productions
Softcover, 25.5 cm x 18 cm, 272 pages


How long has it been since you took a bus? Have you ever wanted to go on a trip by bus? Yes, a trip on that kind of bus with at least an hour’s wait time once you miss it. “Going on the bus, opening the window, hearing the wind, smelling the flowers, it is the feeling of man’s profound connection with nature…”

對馬來西亞有 10 年空白的 FuFu,決定用返璞歸真的方式,搭巴士環遊馬來西亞半島。拋開旅遊書上的精心景點、沒有時間的約束、FuFu 從吉隆坡出發,第一站先返回老家撿回童年的回憶。隨後再搭上巴士繼續往北上,穿梭霹靂、檳城、玻璃市和吉打的大城小鎮;貼近當地人的生活方式、入住不起眼但非常有特色的老酒店、隨機品嚐百姓鄉民的道地飲食小吃、與跟著巴士數十年的售票員聊天、與旅途上的有緣人成為朋友;倘佯在甘榜、稻田、漁港、老店舖……盡情享受樸質無華的生活。
After 10 years without setting foot on Malaysian soil, Fufu has decided to travel around Peninsular Malaysia the old-fashioned way: by bus. Starting his journey in Kuala Lumpur, free of glossy travel guides and with all the time in the world, Fufu relives childhood memories in his hometown before making his way across the big cities and small towns of Northern Malaysia; staying in old yet endearing hotels, tasting authentic street food; striking up conversations with whoever fate places in his path; passing through kampungs, paddy fields, fishing harbours, old mom-and-pop stores…simply enjoying the locals’ simple lifestyle.

書內 35 則的平凡小故事,記錄了 FuFu 在這趟北馬巴士旅程所遇見的人事物。配上簡單易懂的插畫地圖和清新簡約的排版風格,讓你看見這片土地上的溫馨故事。
This book contains 35 ordinary anecdotes on Fufu’s extraordinary experiences as his road trip by bus takes him through the Northern states of Perak, Penang, Perlis and Kedah.  With beautiful illustrations and user-friendly maps, the heart-warming stories of this land shall be revealed to you.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 18 × 1.5 cm

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