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My Father’s Farm


Emila Yusof
2015. Oyez!Books
Hardcover, 24.5cm x 19.7cm, 32 pages
ISBN: 9789670908052

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Dina is back! This time she is helping her father in his farm. We have seen a very sweet Dina dreaming of butterflies in her mother’s garden. We saw her watching her mother very carefully as she cooked in her kitchen.

But this time we see a more purposeful Dina determined to help her father with his chores around the farm whilst enjoying herself at the same time.

One of the more endearing features of Emila Yusof’s illustrations of Dina is the way in which she captures typical expressions and behaviours of a young girl. It is almost as if Dina is real. The feature of this book which differentiates it from the two previous Dina adventures, is the presence of animals which children love; rabbits, chicken, cows, sheep, a cat and ducks among others.

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