Mosques, Temples and Churches in Malaysia


Mohamad Tajuddin bin Haji Mohamad Rasdi
2015. Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka
hardcover, 25.8 cm by 25.8 cm, 84 pages
ISBN: 9789834615307


Mosques, Temples and Churches in Malaysia is a testament to Malaysia’s multi-culturalism is the diversity of religious faith. The presence of heritage mosques, temples and churches is a testimony to the harmonious relationship that has existed between the various cultures of the Malay, Indian, Chinese and others in Malaysia. They also represent the foundation blocks of the religious values that make up this modern country. The values of humanity and civilization of these great religions can be found in the design and architectural languages of these structures. Amidst the sophistication of technology and political strife, they stand as beacons of hope for a tolerant and moralistic society.

The strength of a nation does not depend only on the people’s ability to perform good deeds but also on their ability to appreciate the differences between cultures and adapt them to strengthen wills and create new visions.

The traditional architectural heritage featured in this book represents a multitude of influences from various cultures that proclaims the universality of the divine messages, amidst the various foreign or immigrant architectural vocabulary. It contains an early attempt at shedding much light to our important historical past. It features the measured drawings from the Centre for the Study of Built Environment in the Malay World (KALAM) hosted by Universiti Teknoloji Malaysia (UTM). The centre contains the largest archival documentation of measured drawings of the country’s architectural heritage. The work, pioneered by the Dept of Architecture of UTM, is an attempt to save the remains of our architectural history, amidst the onslaught of modernisation and urbanisation.

About the author: Mohamad Tajuddin b Haji Mohamad Rasdi is a senior lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He graduated with degrees in Architectural Studies and Architecture at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 1984 and I986. In 1996 he was conferred a Doctorate in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He specializes in theory and history of architecture with emphasis on the ideas of Islamic Architecture from the perspectives of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah (traditions) and the framework of early western modernist thoughts. He has published many books and articles on the subject of mosque designs and community curriculum and has given many lectures to religious leaders, academics and general public.

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