Living In Awe: A New Vision & Mission For Asia


Jojo M.Fung,Sj
2015. Public Media Agency
Softcover. 17cm by 12 cm, 52 pages
ISBN: 9789671298336

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Living In Awe: A New Vision & Mission For Asia: The process of disenchantment is a phenomenon traceable to the age of rationality that prides on science and technology. This age has spawned a process of secularism with its virulent effects, ranging from the de-traditionalization of the rural communities, the de-territorialization of cultures, and the dereligionization and de-ethicization of societies, to the desacralization of human and natural resources. The prevalence of “godlessness” is met with the religious resurgence that facilitates re-enchantment with religions. The dawn of the mystical age enjoins the radical reorientation of development that includes the diverse cosmologies and spiritualities of sustainability. The new vision and mission in this mystical age is to promote humans as homo spiritus /shamanicus who initiate an era of sacred sustainability that calls for a spirituality of covenantal mindfulness, the promotion of an inclusive and sustainable economy, and a paradigm shift in science and technology.

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