Memories of a Malaccan –The Life and Times of Lim Keng Watt (1909-96)

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Audrey Lim

2018, Selangor, Malaysia :Mindskills Management and Consultancy

Softcover, 175 pages

IBSN 9789671355220


Lim Keng Watt was witness to some of the most important events in Malayan/Malaysian history of the 20th century. In this biography, for instance, we can see World War 2 through his eyes: he was in the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force serving in Singapore just before its fall, but fortunately escaped being killed by the Japanese. Another momentous event in the book is the Victory Celebrations in London in 1946 when LKW was chosen to represent the B(Chinese) Company of his battalion in the Victory Parade. LKW hailed from Malacca, the oldest town in Malaya, and studied and taught at St Francis Institution, the second oldest de la Salle school in Malaya. He was one of the first King’s Scouts in Malacca, and active sportsman, and a versatile musician and drama enthusiast.

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