Memories and the National Library


Kwok Kian Woon,
Ho Weng Hin,
Tan Kar Lin.
2000. Singapore Heritage Society.
Softcover with jacket. Black&white illustrations. 230pages
ISBN 9810428960

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In the Government’s latest attempt to ‘revitalize’ the Civic and Cultural District, redevelopment plans have called for, among other interventions, the National Library’s demolition to make way for a traffic tunnel, causing drastic changes on and around the Bras Basah park.

Memories and the National Library chronicles in a lucid and highly accessible manner, the complex development of events surrounding the controversy. At its core, proceedings from the public forum including the floor discussion provide a deep sense of the many stakes involved. Excerpts of the debate in other media present a valuable opportunity  for a further reading of these and larger issues at hand.




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