Malaysian Moments: A Pictorial Retrospective

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Andrew Barber
2007. AB&A
Softcover. 5.9cm x 23.2cm, 301 pages
Fully illustrated in colour
ISBN 9789834337209


Malaysian Moments is a pictorial retrospective that seeks to link contemporary Malaysia to its historic past, exploring the often complex background and curious parentage of individual episodes of national life — all of which have contributed towards making such a rich and vital nation, now celebrating its 60th Jubilee.


  1. THE RUBBER REVOLUTION: The first rubber trees to arrive in Malaya were the of an international conspiracy, involving agents Working for the British Crown.
  2. THE EXPATRIATE IN MALAYSIA: A LITERARY GENRE — Fauconnet to Maugham to Anthony Burgess — a literary genre uncovered.
  3. NEGARAKU: MALAYSIA’S NATIONAL ANTHEM — The curious parentage and history of Malaysia’s National Anthem
  4. MALAYSIA: THE RISE AND FALL OF KING TIN — Tin fever and how it transformed Malaya.
  5. MALAYSIA’S HILL-STATIONS — Malaysia has the world’s first (Penang Hill) and the (Genting Highlands) hill stations — a social history.
    The Scottish Connection
  6. ICED SHIPS, TINNED-KIPPERS, COLD STORAGE AND AIS KACANG — Ice-Ships, Tinned-Kippers, Cold Storage and Ais Kacang — how ice transformed life in the tropics.
  7. THE LONGEST WAR: THE STORY OF JAPANESE RECRUITS TO THE MALAYAN COMMUNISTS — The peculiar history of the Japanese soldiers who invaded Malaya in 1941, joined the Communists and were eventually repatriated to japan in 1992.
  8. A RETREAT TO THE JUNGLE — The role of the jungle in influencing War; resistance and social defence during the War and the Emergency that followed.
  9. MALAYA IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR AND THE EMERGENCY: THE ROLE OF INTELLIGENCE — The impact of intelligence on conflict Lai Teck — Master Spy
  10. THE 1906 S\VE’ITENHAM MAP OF MALAYA: A CENTENNIAL SNAP SHOT — Malaya on the cusp of its national development, as seen through the centennial 1906 Swettenham map. Carcosa — A Colonial Gem

About the author: Andrew Barber is a former British diplomat and a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. He spent three years as a Political Counselor at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. He is a guest lecturer for Cunard World Voyages and is the author of a number of books on Malaysian history. He is married with two daughters. Andrew’s books include Malaya The Making of a Nation 1511-1957Penang under the East India Company 1786–1858Penang at War 1914-1945Kuala Lumpur at War 1939-1945; and Penang at War 1914-1945

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