Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee’s Shen Zhi Jia Shu and Hai Ji Zhan (Majestic Hall, Prestigious Mansion)/ 甲必丹郑景贵的慎之家塾与海记栈


Tan Yeow Wooi 陈耀威

2013. Pinang Peranakan Mansion Sdn. Bhd.
Hardcover, 23.4cm x 23.4cm, 120 pages
200+ black & white/colour images
ISBN 9789671069011

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One of the most remarkable personalities of nineteenth century Malaya, Chung Keng Kwee – millionaire philanthropist, tin mining pioneer, political leader, founder of Taiping – left an indelible contribution to Penang’s cultural heritage. He commissioned two adjacent buildings, the magnificent ancestral hall Shen Zhi Jia Shu and the prestigious family mansion Hai Ji Zhan, that stand today as a lasting testimony to another age. This innovative and beautifully-illustrated book offers a unique insight into Chung’s life and how it found expression in the splendour of his architectural creations.





‘Majestic Hall, Prestigious Mansion’ is written in English and Chinese.

About the Author

Trained in Taiwan, Tan Yeow Wooi is a Penang-based architect specialising in heritage conservation. He has undertaken extensive research on traditional Chinese culture and architecture throughout Southeast Asia. He is the author of Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi: The History and Architecture (2003). He has had solo photography exhibitions.

Table of Contents

Foreword I: Dr Wong Yee Tuan
Foreword II: Kang Ruo-xi
Prologue: Tan Yeow Wooi
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee
Chapter 3: The Construction of Shen Zhi Jia Shu and Hai Ji Zhan
Chapter 4: Hai Ji Zhan
Chapter 5: Shen Zhi Jia Shu
Chapter 6: The Architecture of Shen Zhi Jia Shu
Chapter 7: The Meanings and Representations of the Buildings
Table of Chinese-English Translations


陈耀威, 槟城人。台湾成功大学建筑系毕业。从事文化遗产保存工作,以及东南亚华人文史建筑研究。著有 《槟城龙山堂邱公司历史与建筑》。


序(一) 黄裕端博士

序(二) 康锘锡

前言          陈耀威


第一章     概述

第二章     甲必丹郑景贵

第三章     海记栈与慎之家塾的建造

第四章     海记栈

第五章     慎之家塾

第六章     慎之家塾的建筑

第七章     建筑的内涵与象征





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