Loka Made: artbook #01


2015. Loka Made Gallery
Hardcover. 25 cm x 21.8 cm
Text in English & Chinese. Illustrated

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Product Description

Loka Made is a series of illustrations which started in 2011. Its inception came when author FeiGiap had a chance visit to Kuala Pilah, the birthplace of his father. The rustic landscape and architecture inspired him to paint something with a local influence. This experience led to the “Good Old Days”, an illustration which started it all. As he began being exposed to a more Japanese Art, the style as well as its elements of fantasy slowly started blending into his works. From here onwards, the basic art direction and style for this art work begun to take form. Apart from local and fantasy elements, the core of Loka Made is the imagination and exploration of the world during FeiGiap’s childhood. He sees the world through the perspective of a child, visualizing scenes of old cinemas, sundry shops, snack bars and other places he frequented as a child. With his artistic skills, FeiGiap transformed his childhood memories into vivid and lively paintings. Because of this, Loka Made is neither American nor Japanese but rather uniquely Malaysian traits. Where there is life, where there are sceneries, that is where art exist. While everyone is reaching out to a new horizon, we should not forget about what we have right here around us. Understanding our own culture and background brings us a wider view and insight. This is the mission of Loka Made.

Artist FeiGiap says: I believe that most artists have the urge to publish their own artbook and of course, l am one of them. Nevertheless, I hope my book will not just be an ordinary artbook but a book filled with creative illustrations, text, and concept ideas.

Loka Made is the compilation and continuation of my Sceneries series. To keep the content of this artbook interesting and varied, l have been working to complete newer artworks. Since 2013, l’ve been investing more time into Running Snail Studio with my partner, Audrey Chew. Because of this, l had less and less time to complete my own personal work. But now l’ve collected enough paintings to publish an appealing artbook. Unlike the majority, Loka Made is a team effort and we aim to expand our visuals to new types of media.

Our creative team includes illustrators, designers, animators, as well as other professionals with different areas of expertise. Together, we want to promote local culture and the creative industry in Malaysia.

To get Loka Made closer to the vision I had in mind, l’ve invited Valen Lim, a talented designer, to design the look and flow of this book. l’ve wanted to work with him ever since viewing and being utterly impressed by his graduation work two years ago. l’m glad that Loka Made has given us the opportunity to collaborate. Just as l was encountering some issues with putting the text together for this artbook, I got to know a creative writer, Yuna Lee. l quickly invited her to hop on board Loka Made. Together with Yuna, our creative team is finally complete. This is my first time publishing an artbook. lt was an extremely thrilling and encouraging experience. Everyone in the team worked so hard to make this artbook a reality. There are still rooms for improvement but this has been a great learning experience for all of us. At this moment I am happy and satisfied. l am eternally indebted to our producer, Audrey, for being with me every step of the way. Thank you for all your hard work! Finally, l look forward to the second artbook in the near future. l hope that Loka Made can reach more people and expand to greater heights.

About the artist: FeiGiap was born in 1987 in Seremban. Malaysia. Collecting 12 inch action figures is his hobby. In 2013, he published Scenery, a series of his artworks. FeiGiap has thoughtful ideas and a deep interest in creating background sceneries with a fusion of anime characteristics and local elements. His art style is greatly inspired by Animation Director, Makoto Shinkai, the artist imperial Boy, the animation film Tekkonkrinkreet and other related works and novels. He aims to establish a dream-like world through his colour and fantasies. He graduated from The One Academy Illustration Course in 2008. Among his achievements include guest lecturer of The One Academy; publishing the Color of Scenery art print collection; founded Running Snail Studio with Creative Director, Audrey Chew in 2013; co-created the concept art and poster for the movie The Journey  and worked on the National Day advertising poster for Petronas Malaysia in 2014. He started Loka Made in 2015.

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