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nyonya box

My Little Nyonya Diary gift box


My Little Nyonya Diary Gift Box
Sehra Yeap Zimbulis & Koh Tze Yin
2015. Hekty Publishing Sdn Bhd
Hardcover. 27 cm x 23.1 cm, 176 pages,
with illustrations
ISBN: 9789834236076

Product Description

“Penang is simply synonymous with heritage”, say writers Koh Tze Yin and Roz Chua. “A spirit of nostalgia roams the centuries-old buildings, faded photographs and antiquities. Together, they embody a legacy so stirring, it tugs at the heartstrings of even the most unacquainted meanderer. This same spirit of preservation and appreciation of the roots dwells within the kitchens, the boudoirs, fashion and architecture, bearing timeless values such as filial piety, divine respect for traditions and communal empathy.” If you loved the My Little Nyonya Diary, you’ll want the even more special gift box.

This limited edition of My Little Nyonya Diary is a truly unique and luxurious special-order coffret à bijoux featuring the Diary, in a newly designed cover and a handcrafted and handpainted magnet. Both items will open a virtual doorway into a Nyonya’s world – her toilette, wardrobe, accessories, cuisine, kitchenware, tableware, festivities, needlework and domestic furnishings. The Diary is Koh Tze Yin’s third publication, having completed the Penang Passion Cookbook which was released in year 2007 and Nostalgic Penang in year 2008.

The world of the Peranakan, imbued with nostalgic charm, tantalising tastes and fascinating sights has provided much food for the author’s thoughts and creativity. Here, her gentle Nyonya forebears flourished as a community of expatriates, finding the tropical climate salubrious and the gentle culture of the native Malay people admirable. So much so that, over time, the new arrivals began to assimilate the culture, cuisine and language of the native people into their own. In the early days, intermarriages between the immigrant Chinese men and the women of Java, Malaya and the surrounding areas were probably the biggest catalyst for this assimilation. Tradition dictated that these women integrated into the families of their husbands, and so this practice would no doubt have had the biggest influence on the birth of a new culture.

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