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The Legacy of Mardec


Jeyaraj C. Rajarao
2013. University of Malaya Press
Softcover, 23 cm x 16 cm, 306 pages
ISBN 9789831005859

Product Description

The Legacy of Mardec is a valuable book which is a broad exposition unraveling the origin, growth, and privatisation of MARDEC, the largest rubber conglomerate in Malaysia. It records MARDEC’s many-sided impact on the natural rubber industry and the attention that was given to elevate the socio-economic well being of the smallholders. It underlines MARDEC’s multifaceted legacy to the natural rubber industry.

The book also considers the significant roles played by individuals who built MARDEC. The linkages between various organisations involved in improving the processing of smallholders’ rubber. The expansion of the rubber product manufacturing industry is also studied amidst the many changing and challenging situations that confronted MARDEC. Its significant contributions to promote the rubber product manufacturing sector are admirably considered.

The backdrop for the book includes historical information concerning the introduction of natural rubber to Malaya, and its earliest development by the pioneering planters. This account is well documented, keeping the economic, political and sociological situations as integral to the development of the Malaysian natural rubber industry and eventually MARDEC. The book, therefore, is of real value for its own sake and because of the obvious significance of the Malaysian natural rubber industry. Interestingly too, it provides pleasant and provocative reading as it is illuminated with splashes of wit and a cultivated humane intelligence.

Editorial reviews

JC Rajarao, who was for many years head of the Publications, Library & Information Division at the Rubber Research Institute of Malaya, has written a splendid account of the Institute’s launching of a key economic and social enterprise in Malaysian rural development. As a person actively involved in the early stages of that enterprise under the leadership of the late Tan Sri B. C. Sekhar, I vouch strongly for the accuracy of his account. I attest as well to the value gf his insights into the initial difficulties and successes of what became a significant mode for other international crop processing ventures. I further congratulate Rajarao for unravelling the story of MARDEC from its origin and as it progressed to become the giant enterprise of today. I highly recommend this excellent book, not only to Malaysians interested in their country’s path to development, but also to global players wanting to tackle the basic problem of processing smallholder produce into high-quality product. – Dr. Colin Barlow, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University

The tremendous efforts embarked by the author in laying emphasis on MARDEC as a successful Malaysian Corporation in the rubber industry is commendable. This book is well written detailing the origin and growth of MARDEC, and its current privatization status that will likely spearhead further achievements as a global corporate entity. Its contents will be useful not just to those within the rubber fraternity but to all those interested in formulating policies and strategies in meeting future challenges of the natural rubber industry. – Dato’ Dr. Kamarul Baharain Basir, Former Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board & currently the Secretary General of the Association of the Natural Rubber Producing Countries

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