Ismail Hashim Retrospective


Safrizal Shahir
2010. Penang State Museum & Art Gallery
Hardcover, 29.5 cm x 23.5 cm, 287 pages, 
190+ colour illustrations
ISBN 9789834237653

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Ismail Hashim has been involved in the world of arts for more than half a century. His participation in the art scene is quite unique owing to his simultaneous commitment to his official duty in  special, secondary and tertiary education, and at the same time to fulfill his urge to produce art himself.

As a visual artist, Ismail Hashim has produced artworks in various genres: painting, print, drawing, sketching, illustration, graphic design, logo, typography and photography. The versatile character of visual art is obviously embraced by Ismail Hashim. His artistic versatility is in no way indicative of an excessive arrogance in exposing the image of himself. It, on the contrary, emerges from the impulse and capacity of a genuine talent and strong determination. As such, his expression in every form of visual genre actually springs from his desire to explore and record things that matter to him, His visual sincerity permeates all his work. All Ismail Hashim’s visual creations bear this trademark. The distinguishing feature of Ismail Hashim’s art is his highly perspective, witty and unique way of seeing the world around him

This retrospective makes an attempt to bring to the fore all known best works of art created by Ismail Hashim since 1960’s. It also tries as far as possible to catalogue all his artworks that can be traced and are still in pristine condition. What is presented here is the best effort achieved within a rather short time. We have to admit there are many more of his artworks presently kept in private collections that either cannot be tracked down or have been lost or damaged. The writer and the researcher have done the best to acquire Ismail Hashim’s known artworks. The pieces presented in this retrospective, incomplete as they are, are the best outcomes of their endeavour.

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