Integrating Local Knowledge


Darlina Md. Naim & Mardiana Idayu Ahmad
2018 (Reprint). USM.
Softcover, 24.2 cm x 16.5 cm, 87 Pages
ISBN: 9789674612238


This book provides an insight into existing local knowledge from the perspective of science and technology and their integration. This would contribute to significant expansion of local knowledge research by highlighting the role and potential of integrating local knowledge, science and technology fields. Besides, it offers an opportunity to enhance the understanding of interrelations among these aspects that can provide reciprocal benefit to scientist and local communities. It is organised in six chapters, covering subject areas of local knowledge and natural resources as well as technological aspects in traditional built environment. Integrating Local Knowledge with Science and Technology is definitely a reference for students, researchers and professionals working in these fields.

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