History of Muslim Kingdoms


Prof (Adj) Datuk Dr Hj Mohd Jamil Mukmin
2014. Institut Kajian Sejarah Dan Patriotisme Malaysia (IKSEP)
Softcover, 23cm x 15.2cm, 146 pages
ISBN 9789832600381

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History of Muslim Kingdoms contains two condensed bilingual (Malay and English) accounts on the spread of Islam since it’s founding in Makkah on 610 AD till the downfall of the Abbasiyah Kingdom in Baghdad City in 1258, to the collapse of the Uthmaniah King Constantinople in 1912 and up to the arrival of Western colonials.

In that long span of time, the power of Islam spread successfully to the entire Middle Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Southern Asia South East Asia. The light of Islam not only illuminated politics but also knowledge, education, culture, science and technology. Muslims believe that the impressive progress of Islam was due to blessings from Allah as a reward for their faith; and in so-doing, they also discovered all the essence of the concepts reflected in holy al-Quran and al-Sunnah.

During the time of Nabi Muhammad SAW, the power of Islam spread to most of the Arab Peninsular till Hadhramaut and towards the east till Oman and Yamai with Madinah and Mekah as the main centres. The power of Islam became bigger when the rule of Islam in Madinah was under the Khulafa al-Rasyidin Islami Kingdom. At the time of Khalifah Abu Bakar’s era (632-634 AD), the spread of Islam was not prominent because he centred his attention to strengthening the country’s administration. He also siphoned his energy to eradicate the rebellious. Nevertheless, Khalifah Abu Bakar took the opportunity to expand his land to a few regions in Byzantine such as to Southern Syria and Bahrain. After Khalifah Abu Bakar passed away, he was succeeded by Khalifah Uma (630-644 AD) who conquered many regions under the Sassanid Empire like Iraq and Persia including its capital, Madain. Meanwhile, the areas of Byzantine around Euphrates Valley and Tigris Valley, Palestine, Mesir till the Barqa City in North Africa also came under his rule. When Khalifah Uthman (644-656 AD) became the ruler in Madinah, the Islam regions had spread to Eastern Europe which covered territories in Asia Mino and Armenia till Tiflis City and Derbena in the south of the Caucasus Mountains till the Caspian Sea and towards the east to the regions of Khurasan, Kirman and Sijistan.

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