George Town: Our Stories


Toh Teong Chuan
2014. GTWHI.
Hardcover, 21.5 cm x 15.5 cm
ISBN 9789671228111

Product Description

George Town: Our Stories is a GTWHI publication launched in July 2014. It is a compilation of 42 stories written by various personalities in Penang, detailing their recollections and thoughts of the historic city.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and other visual artwork. As readers explore the book, each page will take them to various points in time, either down memory lane or discovering “new stories” of old “Pho Tay” (downtown).

George Town: Our Stories is edited by Mr. Toh Teong Chuan, a native Penangite. He graduated from a university in Taiwan and has an MA in Chinese Language from the National University of Singapore. He currently lectures in the Chinese Studies Faculty of UTAR, and is a Ph.D. reserve candidate at University Malaya. Mr. Toh is also a newspaper columnist and writes about folk culture regularly.

The contributors include:

Mr. Tan Kim Hong, a local historian in Penang. Formerly a secondary school administrator and an academic member of public and private institutions of higher learning, he has published and edited works on Chinese Malaysian politics and socio-economic change in Penang, including histories of the Labour Party of Malaya, the Goddess of Mercy Temple, the Chinese Town Hall, and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Ms Chuah Ai Kheng, a feature writer who spent several years of news reporting for the local mass media. Since 2010, she has had a series of feature stories with the title My Home: The Oral History of George Town.

Mr. Ow Chong Ming, co-founder of literary magazine “Ching Shu Xiao Zhan”. He is currently serving as a freelance columnist for local newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh, and also contributes to online news portal Malaysiakini. He writes mainly on politics, current events, literature and local history.

Ms Koe Gaik Cheng grew up at the Sia Boey Market area and still works in George Town.

来,让我们一起来聆听这座城的过去, 现在和未来。






Our Stories is an anthology of 42 short stories written by various personalities in Penang, detailing their recollections and thoughts of the historic city. (From our newsletters)

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