Gedung Kuning


Hidayah Amin
2010. Singapore Heritage Society, Helang Books
Soft cover. 21cm x 14.8cm, 227 pages
ISBN No: 9789810847562

Product Description

Gedung Kuning or the Yellow Mansion was home to the family of Haji Yusoff ‘Tali Pinggang’ from 1912 to 1999. It was acquired by the Singapore government in August 1999 under the Land Acquisition Act. What used to house six families is now preserved as a historic building under the Malay Heritage Centre. Hidayah Amin, one of Haji Yusoff’s great-granddaughters, revisits her childhood home and takes readers beyond the gate guarded by stone eagles, through rooms with big mirrors and marble floors, and shares interesting anecdotes growing up in Gedung Kuning. Through 28 short stories, readers get a historical narrative detailing the lives of people living in Gedung Kuning and the Malays of Singapore from 1850s to 1999.


Songkok and Tali Pinggang

No. 73 Sultan Gate

Cik Idah’s Mango Tree


Puasa dan Hari Raya

Sekolah Makan


The Man with the Dulang


Court Cases

Noribah, Aisah and the Woman from Siglap

Pilgrimage to Mecca

The Curse


The Boy from Bussorah Street

Haul and Alms

White Magic

Siram Param


The Missing Biscuits

Pudding and Gula Goreng

Piah Hitam

Of Convent and Sekolah Arab

Budak Hilang!

The Princess’ Wedding

The Club Next Door

Family Sketches

Bukan Rumah Kita Lagi

Family Tree

The Architecture of Gedung Kuning

Puding Gula Goreng Recipe


Conveyance Details of Gedung Kuning

Selected Historical Timeline

Glossary of Malay Words

Glossary of Javanese Words



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