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Mohd Yusof Ismail
2009. GAJAH 2009
Hardcover, 40 pages
ISBN: 9789675250385

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In Elephabet, Mohd Yusof Ismail Mohd Yusof Ismail aka Yusof ‘Gajah’ shows his skill and inventiveness with his beloved ’gajah’ (elephant) to express his thoughts, both playful and philosophical, on everyday lite. A treasure of a book, with each letter of the alphabet beautifully illustrated in Yusof Gajah’s inimitable signature style, this book entertains as well as provokes. A book to share and to keep!

Editorial reviews

Yusof Gajah is a brilliant synthesizer. Elephabet is a lovely chorus of colors and textures. For him, art is not optional; it is “necessary” ― Nani Kahan, Architect, labDNA

Yusof Gajah’s elephant art never fails to provoke a smile, and inspires me to paint too. In Elephabet, his words are a further inspiration, provoking thought, questions and ideas. ― Daphne Lee, writer, editor and StarMag columnist.

Elephabet, a portmanteau of the words “elephant” and “alphabet”, is an elementary revision of the alphabet for grown- ups and children. …Yusof wants his readers to return to the basics of life. His philosophy of life is summed up in the book, which features elephants perched and morphed to form the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. The enchanting paintings also reveal hidden symbols upon closer observation…’ ― Grace Chin, The Edge

Yusof Gajah is all about love. Besides his love for elephants, his love for people is seen in his ability to delight us all, whether we’re serious art collectors or children. His willingness to share his skills and passion makes him loved by many artists young and old. And one hopes that his love for nature can inspire our country’s leaders to save our rainforests! ― Pang Khee Teik, Arts Programme Director, The Annexe Gallery

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