Dominance of the West over the Rest

Alvares et al.
2010, Citizens International
Softcover, 21.6 cm x 14 cm, 211 pages
ISBN: 9789833046102


This book deals with one of the major challenges of our times. It is a challenge that each and every inhabitant of this planet should try to understand.

The challenge take many forms: It is political; it is military; it is economic; it is cultural. But most of all it is intellectual. It is at the level of ideas that Western dominance is strongest.

This collection of essays drives home this reality. It tells us what Western global dominance has done to our mind , our soul. It traces the impact of Western dominance upon development. It details the negative, sometimes tragic, consequences of wrong development for the poor and powerless millions of this earth.

The contributors to this volume are the internationally known social activists who come from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

Resisting the West’s Intellectual Discourse– Claude Alvares
The Metamorphoses of Colonialism– Jeremy Seabrook
Post-modernism, Post-colonialism and the Social Construction of Beauty– John Raines
Western Domination: The Military Factor– K R Pankikkar
The United Nations: the End of an Era– Richard Gott
Double Standards, Selectivity and Western Domination– T Rajamoorthy
Human Rights and Hypocrisy in the International Order– Chandra Muzaffar
The Development Hoax– Helena Norberg-Hodge
Rolling Back the South, Rolling Back the State– Walden Bello
The World Bank – The Next 50 Years: A Civil Society Perspective– M Iqbal Asaria
The Dynamics of the Global Gulag: The Top 200 Mega Corporations– Frederic Clairmont and John Cavanagh
Economic Development and Environmental Destruction– Edward Goldsmith
Seeds of Struggle– Vandana Shiva
Privasation of Health and Its Impact on the People of South Asia– K Balasubramaniam
The Citizen as Consumer– Anwar Fazal


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