Decolonising the University

Claude Alvares & Shad Saleem Faruqi (editors)
2012, USM
Softcover, 24cm x 16.5cm, 471 pages
ISBN: 9789838615419


This book of essays is a sequel to the ‘International Conference on Decolonising held in Penang, Malaysia from Iune 27 to 29, 2011. The was jointly organised by the Universiti Sains Malaysia and Citizens in cooperation with the Higher Education Leadership Academy of Ministry of Higher Education.

At the conference, speaker after speaker pointed out that education in Asia is too Westcentric. It blindly apes European universities, European European paradigms. The papers in this volume examine possible ing this problem of intellectual enslavement in Asian and of learning. ’

It must be pointed out at the very outset that this book is not meant to be a the West. Its aim is not to ask Asian and African universities to and North America or to be insular or to wear blinds. Its aim is to make Asian and African tertiary education truly global and at the socially relevant. This cannot be done unless the intellectual monopoly is broken and European knowledge is made to make way for the and expansion of the vast knowledge of other societies and cultures. European knowledge may supplement, but never replace, other valid systems and traditions.

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