Culture & Spirituality: Key to Life and Living in the 21st Century


D. Paul Schafer
2014, Public Media Agency (PMA)
Softcover. 17 cm x 11.8 cm, 34 pages
ISBN 9789671298312

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Every perception of culture — from the artistic to the biological — possesses the potential to opens the doors to spirituality. In combination, they make it possible to move from ‘specific moments of spirituality’ to a more ‘permanent state of spirituality’. This is revealed through the author’s personal and professional experiences in this area over many years, as well as the thoughts and insights of countless cultural scholars. By introducing a great deal of happiness, fulfillment, creativity, and exhilaration into people’s lives and making it possible for them to reduce the demands they are making on the natural environment and world’s scarce resources, culture and cultures in general — and living a full cultural life in particular — have profound implications for life, living and spirituality in the 21st century.


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