Crowned with the Stars: The Life and Times of Don Carlos Cuarteron

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Mike Gibby
2005. Published by the author.
Hardcover. 22.2cm x 16.1cm, 240 pages
15+ pages of black and white/colour maps and plates
ISBN 9789255701834


Crowned with the Stars is the biography of an extraordinary man who spurned a life of ease in Europe to devote himself and his fortune to pursuing a personal dream. Prompted by the ideals of liberty and human rights, and a tireless campaigner against slavery and piracy, Don Carlos was one of the most extraordinary characters in nineteenth-century Borneo. His life story raises important questions on the cost of a wholehearted pursuit of a dream, and on the nature of faith and of success.

About the Author

Mike Gibby is British by birth, a biologist by training and is a long-term resident of Singapore. He is the author if Islands of Malaysia, a travel guide to the islands of peninsular Malaysia, and has had numerous articles published on travel in Southeast Asia. Apart from his interest in Southeast Asian history, he is a keen walker, kayaker and cyclist.

Table of Contents

1: On Dangerous Ground (1 July 1842)
2: The Testimony of the Chart (1842-1845)
3: Youth (1816-1846)
4: The Voyage of the Lynx (1847-1849)
5: The Dream (1849-1855)
6: News from a Distant Land (1855-1856)
7: A Mission to Borneo (1856-1857)
8: Early Days in Labuan (1857)
9: Undercurrents (1856-1857)
10: At the Turning of the Tide (1858)
11: The Breaking Wave (1859-1860)
12: By Force of Will (1860-1865)
13: A Yankee at the Brunei Court (1865-1867)
14: The Prefect of Labuan (1866-1870)
15: Taking Stock (1871-1875)
16: The Sulu Campaign (1875-1878)
17: The End of a Dream (1875-1878)
18: The Final Days (1878-1880)
19: A Terrible Temptation (October 2003)
20: In the Footsteps of Don Carlos
Appendix: Don Carlos’ Vessels

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 22.2 × 16.1 × 2.5 cm

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