Consumer Power: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone


Anwar Fazal
2011. Neo Sentuhan Sdn Bhd
Softcover. 24.2cm x 16.1cm, 180 pages
ISBN 9789834384159

Product Description

Consumer Power enumerates three cardinal values that challenge consumers worldwide: that the consumer movement is not about getting ‘value for money’ but about ensuring ‘value for people’ and ‘value for environment’. It not only covers the holistic approach that characterized Anwar Fazal’s pioneering local and global work, but also the diversity of issues that confront the consumer everywhere: from economics and health, to ecology and integrity. It talks not just of rights but of responsibilities, not just of choice but justice. It describes not just vision and ideas but actions to make change happen through networking, advocacy, information, capacity-building and harnessing resources in creative ways.

About the Author

Anwar Fazal first became associated with the consumer movement in 1969 when he founded the Consumers Association of Penang. He later worked on consumer affairs for, among others, the Government of Mauritius, the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the People’s Republic of China, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund. Over the years, Anwar has also been active with issues relating to inter-faith dialogue, urban governance, migrant workers’ rights, toxic contaminants, and more.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mathew Hilton
1: A Time of Opportunity and a Time for Action  Consumer Response to the Current World Crises
2: Women as Consumers – the Cost of Living, the Cost of Survival
3: Striking Out for the Consumer
4: Be Brave and Angry
5: The Right Pharmaceuticals at the Right Prices  Some Consumer Perspectives
6: What the Consumer Movement is All About
7: The Consumer Movement is Alive and Well
8: We the Consumers
9: Appropriate Infant Feeding Practices
10: Climbing the DNA Ladder  Perspective from the South
11: People, Pests and Pesticides
12: The Consumer Conscience  a Global Perspective
13: The Five Cardinal Principles
14: The Citizen as Consumer
15: Consumers in the New Millennium  Back to Basics
16: Nurturing the Future  21 Challenges for the 21st Century
17: People Power in the Intercultural Age  Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!
18: ‘Moving’ Movements  the Challenge Ahead
19: A Charter for Consumer Action
20: Selected Quotes
Annex I. List of Publications
Annex II. Organisations and Initiatives
Annex III. Key Resources and Consumer Issues
Annex IV. List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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