Community-based Arts & Culture Education – A Resource Kit


Janet Pillai, Shona Levingston(ed)
2014, SIRD, Arts-Ed
Softcover. 29.7 cm x 21 cm, 144 pages
ISBN 9789670630069

Product Description

Arts-ED is a winner of the prestigious UNESCO Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation for the Asia-Pacific Region for the year 2013 which highlighted the importance of the transmission of values, traditions and practices from one generation to another through a variety of cultural expressions.

This resource kit is the cumulative outcome of the organisation’s 12 years of work in arts and culture education. It contains step by step guidance on how to apply the methodology of Innovative Engaged Arts in project-based learning and includes useful case studies, lesson plans and academic papers and readings on the subject.

This resource kit is particularly useful to individuals or groups keen to work with young people in the field of cultural conservation or arts education. Teachers and teacher educators, who are looking for innovative methods to inspire and challenge their students and trainee teachers will also find relevance in the resource kit.


Table of Contents

Engaging with Community through the Arts

Case Studies


Lesson Plans for Sample Programmes

Academic Articles

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