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City Eye on George Town


2015. GT Creativity Centre
Softcover, 23.4 cm x 18.5 cm, 117 pages
ISBN 9789671359600

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Some people create a story,
Elsewhere, someone else is proficient in story telling,
and another who is good at story writing,
The city of George Town is definitely a good start, and we hope that some day, you and me, through story telling and story writing, can rediscover the city that belongs to us.

A roving eye on the tales of a City

This dimunitive booklet, slightly smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, is a collection of feature stories on the unique and rich cultural heritage of Penang. It features interviews about the happenings and lives of George Town’s denizens, their trades, foods, cultures, festivals and dramas. Featured in the book are:

  • Some of the busiest and more popular parts of the city: Bishop Street, Armenian Street, Muntri Street and King Street.
  • Tradition and contemporary religious and musical festivals and observations of a multicultural society
  • Street art and performances
  • Food stories
  • Heritage buildings
  • The Weld Quay Clan Jetties
  • Map of George Town Culture & Creativity Trails

There is also a tribute to the works by a group calling themselves the Urban Sketchers of Penang, whose reputation have extended beyond the city:  Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and even throughout Europe.

Appropriately, the venue chosen for the book launch was the tallest restaurant in Penang—because like the book, the restaurant provided a bird’s eye view of the city of George Town!

City Eye on George Town is produced by the GT Creativity Centre.

有些人缔造了故事 ,
后来有人精通在说故事 ,
甚至也有人擅长写故事 ,
<城视报> 从乔治市绝对是个美好的开始 , 期许未来的某一天你我他都能够透过这种方式重新发现属于我们的城市。

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


其中「手繪城市特輯」介紹了城市速寫者(Urban Sketchers Penang) 的由來,這個團體孕育我投入寫生的行列,也透過此有機會認識泰國各地、印尼、台灣、新加坡、菲律賓甚至歐美各地的城市速寫者。


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