Chinese Clans in Penang: A Concise History (Volume 1) / 槟州宗祠家庙简史 (上篇) ,

2013. Penang Chinese Clan Council.
Hardcover, 31.1cm x 31.1cm, 378 pages
200+ colour photographs
ISBN: 9789671193402


Among the Chinese living in the state of Penang in Malaysia, many of them originated from the same clan sharing the same ancestry. In order to make a living, they cooperated in the spirit of unity to strengthen their powers. For 200 years, they gradually founded more than 170 ancestral organisations, the highest number of ancestral organizations among other Malaysian states.

在马来西亚槟城的华人当中,他们大多数是源于同一个祖宗。为了谋生,他们互相合作以加强他们的团结精神。在两百年来,槟城华人慢慢地成立超过一百七十个祖传组织,而最多的祖传组织是在马来西亚之州属 (In Chinese)

Chinese Clans in Penang: A Concise History (Volume 1) is a book with chapters on how Chinese forefathers landed and settled in Penang, where they sought a livelihood and considered their home ever since. Under the lens of the same camera and descriptions, this book presents accounts pertaining to the perseverance, selfless commitment and sacrifice of the forefathers in providing welfare to their clansmen.

槟州宗祠家庙:简史 (上篇) 是一本记载着当年那些中国祖先在槟城生存和打拼的点滴。在相同的相机和描述下,这本书呈现了关于中国祖先为了要提供福利给后辈们的无私奉献,积极的毅力和牺牲。

This colossal book covers over 100 clan houses complete with beautiful interior and exterior photographs, location maps, clan histories and origins of surname. Texts in Chinese and English.


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