Birds of Malaysia


A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak

Geoffrey Davison & Yeap Chin Aik
2019. John Beaufoy Publishing. 3rd edition.
Softcover, 18cm x 12.8cm, 176 pages
Coloured photographs
ISBN 9781912081639


An easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 bird species most commonly seen in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

  • Authoritative text describes identifying features, distribution, habits and habitat.
  • Size, common and scientific names plus Malay names listed.
  • Overview of climate, vegetation, biogeography and the main birding sites.
  • Includes a complete checklist of the birds of Malaysia with their status in each state and current global status.


Dr Geoffrey Davison spent all his working life in Southeast Asia, as a university lecturer in Malaysia, a conservationist with WWF, and then with the National Parks Board in Singapore. He has written numerous scientific papers, as well as a number of books about birds and wildlife in the region.

Yeap Chin Aik is currently Head of the Conservation Division at the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). He has written several scientific papers, and is one of the  main compilers of Important Bird Areas in Malaysia: Key Sites for Conservation.

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