Between Lives

K.S. Maniam
2003.Maya Press
Hardcover, 23.9 cm x 16.7 cm, 388 pages
ISBN 9789832737032


Sumitra, a social worker, leads a fabulous life. She can pluck from the alien spaces in her mind the needed insights to put her subjects back on track. But then she meets Sellamma, an old woman she has to get into a welfare home. After some time spent together Sumitra soon finds herself falling under the spell of the old woman’s personality and memories. Soon, Sumitra finds herself lost in her own memories, as she recalls her lost innocence. This haunting narrative is an insightful journey through memory, self- scrutiny, and love. It is tender and frank, and an invitation to live fully with each other, no matter what. 

Editorial Reviews

“Maniam’s writing is deeply layered [with] modernism and tradition, generations, cultures, and personal motivations. There is a high level of mysticism he brings to the telling; the rituals of poojas and cleansing baths, and other such doorways, take the reader into a sacrosanct realm.” Karishma Attari, DNA India

About the Author

K.S Maniam is inaugural recipient of the Raja Rao Award (September 2000, New Delhi)  for his outstanding contribution  to the Literature of the South Asian Diaspora. He has been lecturer (1980-1985) and Associate Professor(1986-1997) in the English Department, University of Malaya. His stories have appeared in many local and overseas anthologies. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in Subang Jaya, and devotes his time fully to writtng.

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Dimensions 23.9 × 16.7 × 3.4 cm