张丽珠 (Chong Lee Choo) & 李军 (Lee Foong Peng)
2016. Heitu Design
Soft cover. 21 cm x 16.2 cm, 147 pages
Illustrated with colour photographs
Language: Chinese
ISBN: 9789671392102


Bento/便当俱乐部  用快乐又充满创意的方式,把马来西亚人的便当盒一一打开来。便当来自各方,便当男女们像比卡索一样,画笔是炊具、画盘是便当盒、颜料是食材,画纸是厨房。大家用画画的心情拼凑出好味道,把好味道装进便当,它让你以最美的姿态,和生活Fighting。


Can food be regarded as art? “Bento” is a novel look at creative Malaysian lunch boxes, where the preparation, packaging and consumption of food is an art in itself. What is life without good taste? Good taste does not only refer to the top ten restaurants – good taste can be found in our daily meals, where the brush represents the cooking utensils, the drawer the lunch box, the paints the ingredients and the drawing paper the kitchen. The mood of the painting determines the taste. Just think of yourself as Picasso!

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 21 × 16.2 × 1 cm