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Being Baba


The Peranakan Association Singapore
2015. Marshall Cavendish Editions
Softcover, 22cm x 14.5cm, 351 pages,
ISBN 9789814677189


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Product Description

Being Baba is a compilation of selected articles from The Peranakan magazine. There were so many good articles; hard choices had to be made. Over its 20 years of history, volunteers have put in much time to develop The Peranakan into a treasure trove of information on all things Peranakan — from our history, traditions, material culture and lifestyle to our rich cuisine, language and even theatre.

Being Baba is richly illustrated with full-colour photographs and is the definitive compilation of all things Peranakan.

  • Explains the origins of customs and traditions
  • Provides insights into their beautiful artefacts and delicious cuisine
  • Collates articles from a rich archive that spans over zo years
  • Features writers who are experts in their own specialised areas
  • Highlights the significant contributions of Peranakans

About The Peranakan magazine

In June 1994, The Peranakan Association Singapore (TPAS) gave life to a humble two-page Xeroxed publication called The Peranakan Association Newsletter. Two years later, it was renamed The Peranakan to give the newsletter a more distinct identity. It also became a regular quarterly with a wide range of reports covering recipes, cultural documentation, news and viewpoints to theatre reviews. In the Association’s centennial year 2000, the newsletter graduated to a full-fledged black-and-white illustrated magazine with the front and back covers in full-colour. Backed by a very active team of volunteers running the publication, the magazine became an important communication platform for the Peranakan  community. By year-end 2005, The Peranakan was on a roll. It went full- colour in all pages and assumed a fresh new look. Doubling to 32 pages, it featured more articles, photographs, illustrations and advertisements. At the end of 2006, the magazine hit a bumper 44 pages for the first time. Its print run hit a record 4,000 copies.

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