Autistic / Artistic

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Poems by Angelina & Art by Frankie
2015. Precious Pages Resources.
Hardcover, 20.7cm x 20.6cm, 40 pages
Available in two versions: Black / White
ISBN 9789671015469


This book evokes such strong emotions. The poems tug at your heart. The art is startling as it holds your eyes with rapt attention and reveals the inner most feelings of a person who is supposed to be autistic.

The truth is Frankie is the same as you and I, in the happiness and sadness he experiences. What’s uncommon is he is much more special because he has a unique gift that is rare. Even more touching is his sister Angelina, who has the sensitivity to feel and see him for who he truly is.

In our pursuit of transforming Penang into an international and intelligent city, we must provide equal opportunities to those with immense talent to nurture and develop. Only when we allow passionate kids willing to work hard to realise their potential, can we fulfill the aspirations of an international city for all.

We are proud that in Frankie and Angelina we have the next generation of Penangites who will be making an impact in lives possibly across the globe.

YAB Lim Guan Eng

Chief Minister of Penang

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Dimensions 20.7 × 20.6 × 0.9 cm