Architectural Heritage: Kuala Lumpur – Pre-Merdeka


2007. Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia
Softcover. 25.6 cm x 12.9 cm, 172 pages
B&W photographs
ISBN 9789834049379


This book is a record and tribute to Kuala Lumpur’s old diversity and the nation’s commendable history. Architecture is not just about buildings. It is a public art-form and also a cultural signboard that describes the signs of the times. Thus grand old buildings of the past are more than just historical records. They are like memorial stones of our culture, the link between periods of history that tells the storey of the progression of us as a people and a nation. Historic buildings are repositories of cultural values and speak aloud about life. It tells of how life was once lived and provides a reference point for reflection. The Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia/ Malaysian Institute of Architects is concerned about architectural heritage and conservation, and believes that it is the organisation’s responsibility to look out for and sustain these structures for future generations. This book therefore has been published to pool together a whole series of important pre-independence buildings that tell a story of how the nation was formed. The objective would be to add social and technical knowledge value to these structures and also to preserve and forward these values to architects and the general public, scholars and visitors. In its simplest form, this book also acts as an informative pocket-sized guidebook for tourists and visitors who are keen to take a quick historical tour of the city.

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