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A History of Phuket and the Surrounding Region (2nd edition)


Colin Mackay
2016. White Lotus
Second edition
Softcover, 24cm x 17cm, 472 pages
100+ black and white/colour maps and illustrations
ISBN: 9786169253129

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Product Description

Note to the second edition: Contains some new information and research not available in the first edition. It remains the only book to comprehensively tell the little-known but fascinating history of Phuket and its surrounding region of the central Malay Peninsula.

A History of Phuket and the Surrounding Region examines the little-known history of Phuket and its surrounding region. It is broken down into 38 separate chapter/stories and it is illustrated with over 100 maps, pictures and photographs, many of which have never been published before. The epic story begins with the arrival of the first humans and goes on to cover everything from the early influences of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Arab and Greek settlers, to the the reasons why Phuket was never colonized. The history is expansive, and the subject matter is lucidly explained in this singular account of Phuket’s past.

Read about the regional historical symposium and business forum which was held in Penang in 2013. The event, entitled Khaw Sim Bee Na Ranong and shared history of Malaysia – Thailand relations, was organized by the Penang Heritage Trust in conjunction with The Thailand-Malaysia Business Forum.

Editorial Reviews

“…a magnificent achievement: a towering work of erudition leavened with sly humor and fascinating side-bars. While destined to be the standard reference text for the island’s history, the book is so vividly written that it deserves to be a raging best-seller.” James Eckardt, Phuket Gazette, 9-15 March, 2013

“Mackay has unearthed parts of history that were hitherto unknown, and thrown light on others that were ignored in much of official history and unknown to most people. The history itself is colourful and violent enough to make good reading, but what raises this book a very significant notch is the way it’s told.” Alasdair Forbes,, 8 March, 2013

In the News: Recalling a Thai Malaysian Legacy

About the Author

Colin Mackay is a Scotsman who grew up on the Tanzania coast on the opposite side of the Indian Ocean from Phuket. After gaining a Master’s degree in History at Edinburgh University he moved to Asia where he has worked as a journalist, fund-manager, historic ship salvager and property developer. He first visited Phuket in 1985 and moved there permanently in 1998 where he still lives with his Thai wife Ana and two daughters Skye and Aila.

Table of Contents

Part I : From Ancient Times until 1500
1. Geology and Early Men
2. Early Foreign Contacts, 500 BC to AD 300
3. Tradewinds and Portages, 2000 BC to AD 1700
4. The Rise of Kingdoms, AD I to 800
5. Srivijaya and its Rivals, AD 700 to 1300
6. The Kingdom of Tambralinga and Chandrabantu, 1200 to 1250
7. The Coming of the Thais and Islam, AD 600 to 1400

Part 2 : The Fabric of Island Life, 1400 to 1900
8. The Social Fabric, 1400 to 1900

Part 3 : The 16th Century
9. Spices, Zealots and Adventurers, 1450 to 1600
10. The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Pinto, 1450 to 1550
11. The Pugnacious Protestants, 1580 to 1640

Part 4 : The 17th Century
12. “Easy, Brutish and Short”, 1600 to 1700
13. “Yea We Are Deadly Hated by All”,1640 to 1700
14. The Massacre of the Cholas, 1676 to 1679
15. The Failed French Attempts to Colonize Phuket, 1670 to 1688

Part 5 : The 18th Century
16. The “Ban Plu Luang” Period, 1688 to 1766
17. Pirates and Slavery, 1600 to 1850
18. The Dauntless Mr. Sin, 1763 to 1785
19. The Heroine Sisters, 1780 to 1788
20. The Schemes of Light and Scott, 1770 to 1794

Part 6: The 19th Century
21. Kathu’s New Treasure, 1790 to 1810
22. The Burmese Conquest of Phuket, 1809 to 1811
23. Destruction and Atrocities, 1812 to 1821
24. New Neighbors, 1818 to 1825
25. Lieutenant Low’s Failed Mission, 1824
26. Righteous Burney, 1825
27. The Tan Clan, 1822 to the Present Day
28. Dangerous Ladies and Dissension, 1831 to 1842
29. Bending with the Wind, 1850 to 1910.
30. The Boundary Question, 1860 to 1910
31. Inhuman Industry and Breaking Heads, 1800 to 1910

Part 7: The 20th Century
32. The Efficacious Khaws, 1820 -1914
33. The Golden Years, 1914 to 1942
34. The Seeds from Mr.Wickham’s Shoes, 1895 to 2000
35. From Siam to Thailand, 1930 to 1942
36. “The Losing Side Will Be Our Enemy”, 1935 to 1943
37. Saved by Bombs, 1942 to 1945
38. Tin to Tourist, 1945 to 2010

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