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About the Author

Mark Yoi Sun Soo was born in Hong Kong in 1933. He spent his childhood moving back and forth between Hong Kong and Kampar, Malaya, where his father’s family herbal medicine business was headquartered. In both locales, Mark witnessed firsthand the devastation of the Second World War and its aftermath. After attending Melaka’s Anglo-Chinese school, Mark returned to the city of his birth to study medicine at the University of Hong Kong, earning his degree in 1957 and meeting his future wife during his internship in neurosurgery at Queen Mary Hospital.

In 1962, Mark moved his young family to Ipoh, Malaysia, where he worked as a general practitioner for a New Village population impoverished by the hardships of the Malayan Emergency. In a career-defining decision, Mark decided to pursue specialist training in radiology at London’s Royal Free Hospital, studying in the Lysholm Department of Radiology under the profession’s most renowned doctors. Upon completion of his training in 1967, Mark returned to Malaysia to work for Kuala Lumpur’s newly established University Hospital. In the aftermath of the 1969 race riots, Mark and his family decided to migrate to Sydney, Australia, where he worked as a staff radiologist at Concord Hospital. Seven years later, he relocated to Westmead Hospital, eventually becoming Head of Neuroradiology and Director of MRI. Mark briefly returned to Kuala Lumpur in 1998–2000, to serve as Visiting Professor of Radiology at the University of Malaya. He retired at the age of 70, but continues to consult part-time.