Abdur-Razzaq Lubis

About the author

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis is an independent scholar, author and publisher with Areca Books. He is also known by his Mandailing pen-name, Namora Sende Loebis. Having conducted almost two decades of academic and field research about the history of the Mandailing diaspora in Malaysia, Lubis writes extensively on the politics and other facets of the Mandailing identity. He is currently championing a project to publish several key works on Mandailing folklore, music, governance, social history and the environment by himself and several noted Mandailing authors.

Organisations: Malaysian and Singapore representative of Himpunan Keluarga Besar Mandailing (HIKMA), the Mandailing All-Clan Assembly, from 2004.

Website: Horas Mandaling at www.mandailing.org, set up in 2001; it is now defunct.


Books on the Mandailings

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis & Khoo Salma Nasution, Raja Bilah and the Mandailings in Perak, 18751911, Kuala Lumpur: MBRAS, 2003.

Khoo Salma Nasution & Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, Kinta Valley: Pioneering Malaysia’s Modern Development, Ipoh: Perak Academy, 2005, contextualises the Mandailings’ and other Sumatrans’ contribution to the progress and development of the tin-rich district.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, Khoo Salma Nasution and Malcolm Wade, Perak Postcards 1890s1940s, Penang: Areca Books, 2010, with a spotlight on Mandailing postcards.

Foreword to Edi Nasution, Tulila: Muzik Bujukan Mandailing, Penang: Areca Books, 2007, an ethno-musicological study of Mandailing courtship or romance music.


Book Chapters

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Comparing “Indianization” of the Karo and the Mandailing’, in 80 Tahun Arkelogo Dr. Edmund Edwards McKinnon, Perintis Riset Kota China sebagai Situs Internasional di Medan, edited by Ichwan Azhari and Apriani Harahap, Medan: UNIMED Press, 2016, 1–34.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Perceptions of Penang: Views from across the Straits’, in Penang and its Region, The Story of an Asian Entrepôt, edited by Yeoh Seng Guan, Loh Wei Leng, Khoo Salma Nasution and Neil Khor, Singapore: NUS Press, 2009.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘The Legacy of Sumatran Trade and Knowledge Network in Penang’, in Straits Muslims: Diasporas of the Northern Passage of the Straits of Malacca, edited by Wazir Jahan Karim, George Town, Penang: Sinaran Bros, 2009.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Mandailing–Batak–Malay: A People Defined and Divided’, in From Palermo to Penang, A Journey into Political Anthropology/De Palerme à Penang, Un itinéraire en anthropologie politique, edited by François Ruegg and Adrea Boscoboinik, Wein: Lit Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Wein, 2010.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Batang Gadis National Park: ‘a Gift to the Earth’, in Berpikir Sederhana, Bertindak Sederhana, edited by Saurma MGP Siahaan, Medan: Kelompok Humaniora-Pokmas Mandiri, 2008.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Mandailing People (Sumatra)’, in Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, edited by Bron Taylor, London & New York: Continuum, 2005.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘The Politics of Identity Construction: The Case of the Mandailing People’, The Asian Face of Globalisation: Reconstructing Identities, Institutions and Resources, edited by Ricardo G. Abad, Tokyo: Partner Institutions of the Asian Public Intellectuals Program 2001/2002, 2004.


Journal articles

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Mandailing Cultural Identity and Leadership’, JMBRAS 76, pt. 1 (2003): 55–76.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Mandailing Islam Across Borders’, Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 2, no. 2 (2005): 55–98.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Sutan Puasa: The Founder of Kuala Lumpur’, Journal of Southeast Asian Architecture 12, (2013): 24–37.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Sutan Puasa dan Kuala Lumpur’, MANDAILING, Surat berita Ikatan Kebajikan Mandailing Malaysia 1, no. 1, September 1996.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Mainstreaming the Minorities: The Case of the Mandailings in Malaysia and Indonesia’, Promoting a Culture of Peace, Kuala Lumpur: Signis Asia, 2005.


Conference papers

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Raja H.M. Yacob: A Cosmopolitan Malayan Mandailing Engagement in Literature, Philately and Photography’, Paper presented at the conference on “Lived Cosmopolitanisms”: Identities, Languages, and Literatures in Littoral Asia at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, March 5–7, 2012.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘The Mandailing on Hajj’, Paper presented at the Penang and the Hajj Conference in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Malaysia on August 17 and 18, 2013.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘Sutan Puasa: Problematizing The Founding of Kuala Lumpur’, Paper presented at the 23rd International Conference of Historians of Asia 2014 (IAHA2014) in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia on August 23–27, 2014.

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis, ‘The ‘Indianization’ of Mandailing’, Paper presented at the International Conference on the Indian Diaspora, Absences, Silences and the Margin: Restructuring Indian Diaspora Studies, at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India, January 7–9, 2016.


For more works of the author, please visit: https://independent.academia.edu/AbdurRazzaqLubis