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“There’s nothing like exploring a country with a knowledgeable friend by your side, and that s exactly what Sharon does with this book.”
Jaime Ee, Lifestyle Editor, The Business Times (Singapore)

Since its conception as a country, Malaysia has prided itself on its diversity. Where else in the world can visitors and locals feast upon authentic cuisines as different as Hokkien chinese and South Indian, or witness the celebration of holidays as distinct as Chinese New Year and Eid al-Fitr? Intent on capturing in words the multitudes of variety her native land has to offer, Malaysian journalist and writer Sharon Cheah decided to celebrate the nation’s 50th anniversary in 2007 by starting off on a journey through all 13 states of Malaysia. Five years later, Cheah published her end result: Malaysia Bagus! takes readers to destinations even locals dare not traverse: from the wilds of Johor to a remote church in the middle of the mountains in Sarawak, offering little-known insights and histories fascinating to both natives and visitors alike.

Equal parts travel guide, memoir and history, Malaysia Bagus! provides readers with interesting anecdotes about both well- and little-known destinations in Malaysia. Each of the book’s 13 chapters, one for every state, gives detail into the state’s unique characteristics, from food culture to family life, as well as little vignettes of her eclectic experiences she encounters. Cheah uses her journalistic background to capture details of her journeys clearly and entertainingly, whether she’s racing down the streets past Kuala Lumpur’s famous Malaysian-style buildings or taking it easy in a remote Kampung in Malaysia’s northeasternmost state of Kelantan.

Malaysia Bagus is on sale for RM 45. Please click here for more details, or to purchase.

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