13 December 2012: “Ipoh, My Home Town”

“This book provides a rich tapestry of childhood in Ipoh as it used to be and makes fascinating reading no matter how old or young you are.”
-Excerpt from the Foreword, Dato Mohd Nor bin Khalid

For most people, the word ‘hometown’ speaks immediately to a well-preserved portrait in time of the place where one grew up. When the word is mentioned, vivid sensory memories flood the mind: one remembers particular tastes, sights, sounds, and even feels of the joys of childhood, of the days of growing up and into the world. Like many hometowns, Ipoh looks much different now than it does in the remembrances of some of its older townsfolk. But even as much has changed, much still remains the same, and modern stories of growing up in Ipoh sound in some ways similar to those stories from decades ago. Ipoh, My Hometown captures in print 64 stories from 47 different authors, young and old, each of whom called Ipoh their hometown once upon a time.

Published originally in 2011, the book’s youngest contributor is still in his early teens; the oldest can recall what Ipoh was like in the 1920s. Spanning over a period of 90 years, Ipoh, My Home Town offers up recollections of the town’s most beautiful girls, of what it was like to grow up on Market Lane, and of course of the delicious tastes of some of Ipoh’s delicacies: hor fun, taugeh and its famous white coffee. With over 400 pictures to accompany the multitude of memories being reminisced, the book offers up a singular perspective on one of Malaysia’s most famed towns.

Ipoh, My Hometown is on sale for RM 100. Please click here for more information, or to purchase.